Precision Roll Grinding

Precision Roll Grinding

Roll grinding is the process of removing material and generating a new surface for high precision rolls. The precision and surface finish obtained through grinding a precision roll is significantly better than processes such as turning or milling.

Why Grinding is Needed

Web based converting companies in the U.S.A. and around the world require nothing less than perfection when it comes to their process and products.  Roll Technology provides their clients with painstakingly accurate specifications.

When exact diameter sizes and concentricity requirements are crucial, the precision cylindrical roll grinding operation is the single most critical step in processing industrial rolls. 

Roll Grinding Capabilities:

High Precision Rolls finished in Bearings - coating, metering and applicator rolls - can go from the shipping box to your line, ready to produce with the lowest possible operating T.I.R.  (Total indicated run out) based on the accuracy of the hardware.

Precision Crowned Rolls- We offer a full range of precision crowning options (parabolic, radial, straight-tapered, and custom) either concave or convex, using both conventional and computer-controlled CNC crowning equipment.

Anvil Rolls (Hardened 52100 and D2 Tool Steel) - Roll Technology can refinish damaged hardened steel rolls through precision grinding for clean-up.

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