About Roll Technology

About Roll Technology

In 1972 Lewis Walker Sr. founded Roll Technology in Greenville, South Carolina. Following his distinguished tour of duty commanding submarine chasers in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters during World War II, he joined Chromium Corporation of America in Connecticut. In 1952 he became president of U.S. Metal Coatings in New Jersey. After a merger of that company in the late 1960's and doing some consulting work, he moved to the Southeast to start his new operation.

Lewis Walker III, his eldest son, joined him the same year after finishing college and a Naval tour of duty. Lew became president when his father retired in 1987, then Chairman of the Board in 1994. Mr. Walker passed away in 2006, just shy of his 90th birthday.

During its 40 year history, Roll Technology has continued to grow. 

From 3 employees to a peak of 45. 

From 1 roll grinder to 13, including 2 CNC machines. 

From 2 chromium plating tanks to 7. 

From 8,000 square feet of industrial space to over 50,000.

Web processing companies and original equipment manufacturers around the world depend on the consistency, expertise, and support of Roll Technology.  The company prides itself on providing industrial steel rolling service that achieves the highest levels of accuracy and surface finishes.


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