Precision Rolls Coatings

Precision Rolls Coatings

Precision Coating Rolls

When web process demand precise gap control and web uniformity, the coating rolls are at the heart of a line.  Roll Technology has the equipment, personnel, and skills to produce low run-out rolls (to .00005" and below) while also maintaining critical straightness across the roll face.

We have State-of-the-Art inspection equipment including a “Pro-Mic" graph computer and Keyence Laser system.

We can help you with design ideas for new rolls where you maximize the accuracy of a roll under load conditions, selection of proper bearings and base metal materials.

Coating Rolls

If your process includes roll coating or slot die coating you will need extremely tight tolerance rolls, starting at .0002” and tighter.

These rolls need to be properly engineered, manufactured and finished by a company with the precise equipment and skills to accomplish the tolerances your product requires.

If you have a set of coating rolls that are not as straight and round as needed in your process " setting the gap" for coating your web could be a disaster.  Your coat web might not be evenly distributed across the face of your web which can lead to lost time and money.

Roll Technology has the capabilities and skills to supply you with precision rolls you need in your process.



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