Refinishing Roll Surfaces

Refinishing Roll Surfaces

Roll Technology offers precision roll refinishing services for industrial web operations. Over the past 45 years, we have earned a reputation worldwide for the quality of our surface finishing rollers, supported by the superior customer service.

If the rolls used in your converting equipment are worn or damaged, they may not operate efficiently and may impact the quality of your finished product.

  • Normal processing wear can “damage” the finish on a roll, wearing it unevenly. In addition, with high volume operations, the shape of the roll may change slightly, impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of your web equipment.
  • Human error (dropping a tool onto or between rolls, banging a die into the rolls, or over-cleaning with scrapers or knives) can damage the finish or surface of the roll.

Refinishing the roll can repair the damage and extend the productive life of the roll and your web equipment. Precision rolls are expensive to replace and, with today’s tight capital budgets, refinishing your precision web roll is a cost-effective method to maintain optimal production efficiency and high product quality.

At Roll Technology, we provide expert precision refinishing for all types of rolls, including coating rolls, heat transfer rolls, calender rolls, laminating rolls, slitting rolls, and custom rolls. Our complete industrial roll refinishing services will make your used rolls look and perform like new.

Initial inspection. When we receive your roll, we perform a detailed inspection of the roll to identify any problems and determine the work that needs to be completed. This includes measuring the diameter in the middle and ends of the roll body, the condition of the journals and other joins, measuring the chromium thickness, and documenting the total indicated runout (TIR).

Remove old chromium or coating. We remove the existing chrome or coating in order to prepare the base metal under the coating for refinishing. Based on the condition of the base metal under the coating for refinishing. Based on the condition of the base metal, we use precision grinding, blasting, or electrochemical stripping to remove this layer. In the pregrinding step, we will begin to “true up” the diameter of the roll and to remove imperfections.

Prepare base metal for plating. We will clean the base metal and prepare it for electroplating.

Deposit new plating. A new, fresh layer of electroplated hard chromium will be applied directly to the base metal. Depending on application requirements, we will deposit the chromium under completely controlled conditions to include bath chemistry, temperature, amperage, and plating rate.

When it's called for, we can bake the roll after plating to relieve any hydrogen embrittlement.

Precision Roll Grinding. Our experienced team will precision grind your roll to ensure a true diameter, restore required size or achieve a specific plating thickness.

Polishing & Blasting. We utilize a variety of techniques for finish polishing and grit blasting - depending on the surface finish specified - from commercial mirror finishes, dull matte, pre-blasted satin textures to flaw optical measured below ¼ RA

Final inspection and reports. Before shipping your roll to you, we will perform a detailed inspection to ensure that it meets your requirements and generate any required reports.

Additional services. We offer weld repair services to build up the diameter of older, worn journal sections and large late capacity for finish machining.

Contact us to learn more about our surface finishing rollers or see how we can help maintain your precision rolls today!

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