Acid Flushing to remove "Hot Spots"

When heat transfer rolls (both heating and cooling) are having problems keeping a consistent temperature across the face and your web is sticking to the roll (commonly called having "hot spots") internal vibratory acid cleaning could be the solution.

Inhibited acid cleaning is best used to remove common deposits that buildup in the flow channels of heat transfer rolls, thereby affecting the temperature variation across the roll face. Our process incorporates a vibrating sequence to further loosen internal impediments. We utilize high speed pumps and measure GPM flow readings before and after cleaning.

Acid cleaning is best used as a preventative measure to keep "hot spots" from developing into heat transfer issues.  If your cooling water system is subject to calcium deposits, or you may have carbon buildup from hot oil systems, regular acid flushing is recommended to ensure good thermal performance and acceptable roll life.

Upgrading Services

Roll Technology is constantly striving to improve its services and we have recently upgraded our acid cleaning service. We now take thermal imaging pictures of the rolls internals before flushing and after flushing - showing the difference in the rolls fluid flow.  We have also added a vibrating technique while the roll is being flushed to further loosen the calcium deposits and/or carbon deposits and scale buildup. 

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