Inspecting Industrial Rolls

Inspecting Industrial Rolls

Roll Technology inspects and documents every roll, shaft, and rod when it arrives on our dock and before it gets loaded on a truck for delivery.

Incoming Inspection

  • Measure the diameter of the roll face in the middle and both ends of the roll
  • Check both journals for damage
  • Inspect the extent of the damage to the base metal
  • Measure the chromium thickness

Final Outgoing Inspection

  • Measures the finished diameter in the middle and both ends of the roll
  • Check the TIR & Taper (glossary)
  • Measures the surface finish in the middle and both ends of the roll

With Precision Roll Servicing, We use the most accurate micrometers, calipers, and indicators available, which are calibrated for accuracy on a regular basis.

For precision coating rolls and parabolic crown rolls, we use a Pro-Mic, a true end to end profiling system, which has the capabilities of measuring the diameter of the roll 10 times per inch.  The Pro-Mic interfaces with a Laser TIR computer and generates a profile graph of your rolls.  This profile is supplied to our customers along with other final inspection data.

Also tight tolerance rolls we use a Keyence Laser system to measure TIR within 10 millionths accuracy.

The system utilizes a non-contact reflective laser measuring 32,000 datum points per roll revolution. We use the most advanced system available with repeatability of .005 micron and the accuracy of 1 micron. Being a non-contact system the repeatability of the measurement is constant. The previous problems associated with contact measurement included wear of contact tips, scratches to roll face, calibrations, operator interpretation, and error are eliminated with this system. 

The results of the TIR at various desired points across the roll face is then scaled and plotted on a QA report for your file.  Roll Technology keeps an electronic file along with a hard copy in our archives.


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